CareySue On The Issues

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Traffic & Infrastructure

The complex traffic issues of Okaloosa County aren’t just an annoying inconvenience, they are hugely impactful to the critical and expedient access for public safety vehicles, efficiency of the local workforce and commerce, and a deterrent for our essential tourism. The implementation of several solutions – some immediate and some long term, will promote a safer and more efficient community.

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Public Safety

Public Safety is one of the main responsibilities of the government (local and national). At a time of a confusing national message, let me be clear: I stand with and support ALL Law Enforcement & First Responders. Our first responders are the ones who put their lives on the line each and everyday to ensure the safety and welfare of all of us. We must take care of those, that take care of us.

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform


Okaloosa County is the grateful, honored and privileged home of 4 United States Military installations.  The men and women who serve this nation, and their families, are priceless members of this community. It is vital that we continue to support, embrace and appreciate them; and further, to listen, address and improve any and all aspects of any concerns that they may have or that arise.

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Small Businesses

Building and creating an entity from your own ideas, talents, labor, tears, and sweat is an unparalleled opportunity and incredibly rewarding endeavor; one that I believe that local communities and government should vigorously support.  Our robust network of small businesses serve literally thousands and thousands to our area. I’m proud to advocate for, and stand with my fellow small business owners to continue to help build and sustain a healthy local economy.

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Working Family Housing

Affordable Housing is a national crisis and Okaloosa County shares the same challenges. Safe, healthy, productive and happy communities must start with the basic human need of shelter. In order to actively participate and contribute to their communities, residents must be able to live affordably and locally. Administering solutions both from a federal and local level are needed.

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Coastal Resources

Okaloosa County’s beautiful soft sugar white sands, the emerald green waters, the abundant marine wildlife, and all the natural coastal resources are true national and regional treasures.  The livelihood of many, but more importantly it provides the peace and serenity the human soul requires.  Preserving, supporting and sustaining our county is vital to continuing the healthy, successful and beneficial community we so dearly embrace and inhabit.