Together today for a better tomorrow.

A Message From CareySue

Watch below as CareySue shares from the heart about what Okaloosa County means to her and a few of the areas that she would like to dedicate her attention to.

Why CareySue?

CareySue Beasley is a successful, multiple business owner. Having fallen in love with the people and it's natural beauty, CareySue Beasley moved to Okaloosa County in 2010. It is here where she met Paul, the love of her life, and they married in 2015. Knowing that she wanted to serve others, she and Paul started their first business, Easy Vacation Services - a full service beach vacation rentals management company that thrives on providing the visitors of Okaloosa County a memorable stay topped with Coastal Southern Hospitality.

Serving visitors to Okaloosa county was rewarding but CareySue wanted to serve the people who live and work here; so, she and Paul, along with her son Alex, opened Okaloosa Donuts in 2018. Having a food service business is totally different than operating a vacation rental management company, but it has provided a way for CareySue to extend her love to the people of this community through a food that most everybody loves, donuts!

With the launch of two successful businesses, CareySue wanted to find an even deeper way she could serve her community and thus came the decision to run for Okaloosa County Commissioner District 2. This decision didn't come easy, but she knew that it was time for her to step into another role and seek for a new and more meaningful opportunity to make a lasting impact in Okaloosa County.

CareySue has a passion and unwavering drive to see Okaloosa County not only thrive, but to be a place where its people comes together today for a better tomorrow.


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